About Me





I am not a typical artist. I don't have some long-winded way of saying why I chose to be one. I started by lying to my grandmother about wanting to be an artist like her, in the hopes of solidifying the position of favorite grandchild (out of like, twenty five grandkids). An impossible feat, turns out. I went to art school to avoid ever having to do math again, and I almost failed out every semester. My passion doesn't rest in a  need to express myself or touch upon larger socio-cultural issues (Lots of respect for those who do!). Simply put, I enjoy creating work that brings people joy, and having a career that involves new and exciting problems to solve.  It is also much cheaper than therapy...





I work mainly with oil paints, but thanks to art school I have experience with most mediums. In the past I have worked with acrylics to paint murals. I've used graphite, charcoal and pastels for pet portraits, and watercolors for landscapes. I am not very proficient with clay though, so I wouldn't bother inquiring unless you want a pinch-pot ashtray...





I find most of my inspiration comes from people, their relationships and the emotional moments that happen between them. I am beyond fortunate to have the skill to immortalize the greatest experiences of one's life. Whether it is painting a moment between a couple for a wedding portrait or commemorating the life of a friend in a pet portrait, the point of my fine art is to evoke timeless emotion. Also I just love people..from afar. We're fascinating creatures! So if you ever spot me out in the world and I am creepily staring at you, don't be alarmed. I will not follow you home and eat you.



" Kerry O'Neil is an artist with an incredible eye for moments worth capturing. She truly enjoys what she does, as evidenced by her work! She has the competence and proficiency of a well-established artist, without the pretentious nature that occasionally coincides. Kerry's easy-going and playful demeanor makes her open to communication and feedback as she works on your special piece; she is an absolute blast to work with. My wife and I feel honored to have a piece of her art in our home and will cherish the moment she captured for years to come. I wholeheartedly recommend Kerry to anyone looking to capture a memory - she has a magical way of etching memories, just as you hope to memorialize them, beautifully onto canvas. 

( I left out all the shit about how you swear like a sailor, love red wine, and are a cynic. But know that if I could post that, that's exactly what I would because that's what makes you the baddest bitch around.)" 

-Lindsay E.


Kerry has an inherent sense when it comes to her portraits. She captures the essence and spirit of the events and people in her artwork. I gave her a photo of each of my three grandchildren engaged in one of their favorite activities.  Her work reflects the spirit of the child as well as the setting.

 I would never have been able to afford formal oil portraits of my grandchildren.  Even if I could, there would only be one and we would all be fighting over it.  Kerry’s digital portraits resolve both of those challenges. Now many members of our family have the portraits hanging in their home because I was able to make multiple copies, frame them, and give them as gifts to family members.  

Amanda Palmer said, “You’re an artist when you say you are.  And you’re a good artist when you make somebody else experience or feel something deep or unexpected.”  

-Then if that’s true, I feel it’s fair to say that Kerry is a great artist.

-Mickey P.


"Kerry O’Neil is an amazing artist who uses her unique talents to immortalize intimate moments and special people. Her sense of humor and emotional intelligence also make her really fun and easy to work with, and you know she understands what you’re looking for right from the beginning. I am so happy with the work Kerry created for me – every time I see it, it triggers all my favorite memories of my wedding; I feel like I’m back in that moment and it never fails to lift my mood. I would recommend Kerry to anyone who is looking for a piece of artwork that is not only beautiful to look at, but that truly captures and reflects the emotion and sentiments of a moment you’d like to relive over and over again."

-Erin O.



"The portrait Kerry did of my daughter was truly breathtaking, it captured my heart at first sight -I'm in love with it !"

Spencer S.


"Kerry O’Neil’s work is some of the most beautiful work that I have ever had the privilege of viewing. Her exquisite talent captures life’s most precious moments and allows them to live for eternity. She is truly gifted and is such a wonderful person to work with. I can not express how pleased my husband and I are with the portrait she painted of our first dance from our wedding. The portrait is breathtakingly realistic and will forever be in our family home".  

- Susannah S.